Don't stop Lu:king


Are you guys emotionally ready for THEM to come back/debut? I am freaking out already~

2 years onlyx-5!

Today I’m celebrating my tumblr’s creation! It’s been 2 years since the day I decided to show my undying love and support for these amazing five boys! Even now that they’re not together, I still believe in them! Hope they can live well and enjoy their lives, succesful or not!

Also, today I decided to consider this day as a new beginning, A Lu:kus beginning! Hope that next year I’ll be here to celebrate again for a year with Lu:kus!

Also, I need to thank all 563 of you precious people who follow me! Thank you for loving X-5 and Lu:kus! Keep it up cause it means a lot!

posted 7 months ago

kpoperseverywhere asked: "Okay,as you wish. Thank you very much ♥"

Nah, I thank you for your request! I wish there were more people requesting things from me like when X-5 were active!

kpoperseverywhere asked: "Sorry,i wanted to ask you a favoryou can edit a picture of Haewon and Ahn Daniel?please ♥ :c please ♥ ..."

Oh hey! Yup sure I can~

But can you wait for a bit more? I am waiting for their come back! There will be more pictures and more material to work with! But if you want me I can make it sooner.!

I just missed them~

How cuuute~?

Hello new followers!

Thank you so much for following me and for liking Lu:kus!! They deserve some more attention, they’ve been through a lot and we need to be strong for them!

Hope you already like Kyungjin and Seokhoon as much as you like Donghyun, Haewon and Jinwan! ^^ 

If you ever want to talk to me about the boys or about anything else then feel free to visit my ask box!

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Once a troll, forever a troll!! It should be Tr:oll not Lu:kus! xD