Don't stop Lu:king

kang-hae asked: "Your blog is soooooooooooo AMAZING!! (>^w^<) I LOVE IT! I spent hours on it and couldn't get up! Please keep up the awesome work!!"

Wow thank you so much! I really want to keep updating but I am so freaking busy and I feel so sad about this poor blog.

I am glad that you like it and that my hard work is appreciated. Please keep motivating me and I will try my best for you~

You’re such a sweetheart!! <3

posted 1 month ago

rahjkat asked: "wait wait wait, who's lukus? [my brother has the same name and i thought he was the only person in the world who had that name]"

Hello! Your brother has a nice name! ^^

Well it’s not actually Lukus but Lu:kus and you can read it the same way as “look us” which is what they’re trying to tell people.

Since you found out about them please give them a chance. You can try their debut song “So into u”.

Thank you! :)

posted 1 month ago

Feels like somebody needs more screentime! There’s no hope for these trolls!

Precious Lu:kus!

New Followers!

In two days about 100 amazing people chose to click the follow button and make me super happy!

Thank you so much, firstly for loving lu:kus and secondly for following me!

Unfortunatelly I can’t follow back because this is not the main tumblr. But if you know how to make this my main tumblr please help me because I want to start following back immediately! Thank you again!

I love you all… Don’t forget to love Lu:kus every day!

posted 3 months ago

Lu:kus debut

Dear followers…

I will freaking spam your lives with gifs from the new MV.

Thank you for your attention!

baekismylight asked: "Some people say that it is not true, and most of them are saying that Zin is married. I am soo confused and there are no news about him. I miss him so much T.T"


I think I accidentaly answered privately to you!

So there are some pictures from about 10 months ago with his wife but I’m not sure if this is just a photoshoot for a magazine or a real wedding photoshoot.

Hopefully someone will help us find out.